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Finding comfort in something can provide a wonderful
feeling of security, a sense of sanctuary, if you will,
especially when things are not going right.
Children often find calmness in a blanket or a
favorite stuffed animal. Adults, meanwhile,
oftentimes find refuge in their faith, a
belief in something greater than themselves.

No matter the source, it is that wonderful feeling of
reassurance that we crave, the encouragement that
everything will be alright again. Simply put, there is nothing greater than having hope that we can be healed of even the worst things that may befall us, and for a
chance to live and dream again.

“My Hope And Healing” Hello, my name is Cheryl Williams, and I am a cancer survivor. Thank-you for visiting, “My Hope And Healing.”

I finished treatment for Stage IV uterine cancer on May 1, 2008, and not a day goes by that I don’t give praise for the inspiration that gave me back my life. It was during my time of illness that I came up with the idea of making a prayer cloth and scripture blanket to help soothe my soul and give me optimism.

These wonderful, little prayer cloths were inscribed with healing scriptures and designed to hang on my IV pole during my “healing” treatments. I preferred this description over chemotherapy treatments to help distract my mind from the entire medical process and focus on God’s Word. Next, I knew I needed a scripture blanket, allowing me to feel wrapped and covered by God’s mighty grace.

Hope and healing soon followed, allowing me to be a witness and beneficiary of the Lord’s power. I will always be eternally grateful to God for giving me strength, encouragement and wisdom during those trying days, but I soon realized that my experience was meant to be more than just a chapter in my life.

I felt a calling to share my inspiration with others. Consequently, I decided to offer scripture blankets to cancer patients worldwide as a means of physical, mental and spiritual encouragement. The result was My Hope And Healing.

Praise God for giving me the strength, encouragement and wisdom to share the blessings of this special project He placed on my heart. Let the hope and healing begin!

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