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Nothing is impossible
to a willing heart

How scripture strengthened a woman’s faith

Based out of Louisville, Ky., My Hope And Healing was a self-inspired, vision-turned-reality for Cheryl Williams, a Stage IV uterine cancer survivor. A long-time Kentucky resident, Cheryl got the idea during her time of illness when she asked a friend to make her a prayer cloth and blanket with healing scriptures.

Only 49 when she was diagnosed with uterine cancer on Dec. 10, 2007, Cheryl began treatment just 17 days later. Bothered by the medical terminology and the entire process of chemotherapy, she began referring to her appointments as “healing treatments.”

Seeking further inspiration, Cheryl came to own a blanket with similar scriptures inscribed, allowing her to feel completely covered in hope and healing by the mighty grace of God. The prayer cloth and blanket became such powerful witness tools that Cheryl’s nurses would not start treatment until her “healing” drugs were covered in God’s Word.

Hope and healing soon followed, with Cheryl enduring three operations and completing her treatment on May 1, 2008. As a witness and beneficiary of the Lord’s power, her 10-year “Healabration” is May 1, 2018.

Offering Mental and Spiritual Encouragement

Cheryl’s celebration of life and eternal gratitude to God for giving her strength, encouragement and wisdom during her cancer treatments inspired her to help others who are experiencing or have experienced similar battles with cancer. Consequently, she decided to offer prayer cloths and scripture blankets to cancer patients worldwide for physical, mental and spiritual encouragement. The result was My Hope And Healing.

The logo for My Hope And Healing consists of a pink heart nestled on top of a pair of green- and stone-colored leaves, with the words




The meaning behind the logo is as the ‘stone’ of our hearts gives way to fresh new life in Christ, we begin to live fully from our heart which is a level of healing only found in Him.

Cheryl loves the Word but these verses hold a special place in her heart. She hopes you find comfort in them as well. 

Mark 5:34
Hebrews 11:1
Jeremiah 17:14
Psalm 118:17
1 Corinthians 2:5

It is Cheryl’s hope that these inspiring prayer cloths and scripture blankets offer hope and encouragement to those enduring treatment and facing uncertainty in their lives. Having survived cancer and completed a course with the National Association of Professional Cancer Coaches, she firmly believes that through the grace of God and His beautiful Word, we can win all of our battles, first and foremost, in the mind.



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